Hi, I’m Nina. 

I’ll be your last Success and Life Design Coach.

Together, we will work to expand your consciousness and awaken your full potential in this 3D Earth. You will live the life of your dreams. I assist in transforming lives every day. Are you ready?

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About Me

I don’t mess around!

I am the only guide you’ll ever need to reclaim your happiness in this 3-Dimensional planet, we call Earth.

I am not your regular Life Coach Cheerleader. Through me, you will uncover the REAL secrets to living your best life ever as a perennial winner. I will not sugar coat anything. I will let you in on secrets that you thought were all Science Fiction. You can call me your Awakening Fairy.

I teach you the tenets of the law of attraction, but unlike all other Law of Attraction and Manifestation Coaches I will also give you the skinny on entities and beings who try to stop you from realizing and using your powers as an intentional creator. You will not only learn and know, with me, you will learn how to thwart anything that makes your successes difficult.

I am also known as your Business’ Happiness Manager. I coach both principals and leaders as well as team members and employees on resilience, workplace culture, sales and customer service.

You will see the difference in your life or your business when we start our work. Your will live your best life ever and your business’ ROI will soar as you’ve never seen before.


If you are open to being an abundant, happy and powerful being, then you are in the right place. Unfortunately, I do not just take on clients who can afford to be my clients. I have to be sure that we can work together and that you are open to REALITIES and willing to do something about it! As such, I require a complimentary 30-minute call prior to one-on-one coaching and an hour consultation with principals for business coaching. It is something like an application to join a very EXCLUSIVE group of people who know nothing else but to WIN and be a SUCCESS in ANY ENDEAVOR in their lives.
What’s better than finding joy sometimes? My answer: Finding it ANY TIME, ANYWHERE.

Why do some people just seem to get whatever they desire WHEREVER they are and WHENEVER they want? How do they do it? How come some businesses get all the clients they want? What do their teams offer that others don’t?

Simple – according to most Coaches: It takes a certain mindset. To me, that is true as well, however, that is just the tip of the iceberg. I, Nina Lim has found the TRUE secret to finding success, positive momentum and manifesting one’s desires through the Law of Attraction and being able to clear out negative entities while staying in higher dimensions. I have worked in different capacities and KNOW what works in a business and how clients will stay loyal and keep coming back to buy your products or engage your services.
It doesn’t have to be woo-woo, mystical or confusing at all. In fact, the simpler we see it and use it, the more likely it is to work all the way around.

I have researched and by living it every day in my own life, I have been living exactly how I want to, never settling for what goes my way easier. I have helped  others use the same knowledge to find their spark. I have helped companies and individuals realize ABUNDANCE. From corporate professionals to international powerhouses to multi-tasking moms…using the right tools can bring about what I fondly term as intentional serendipity.

Our Services
One-on-one coaching sessions

Please book a 

complimentary call

I am happy to work with you though one-on-one coaching sessions are very exclusive. We can talk about your circumstance and set up an arrangement, but more importantly is that you book a 30 minute complimentary call so I can get an idea of what you want to achieve. 

Group Coaching Sessions


This includes 10 hours of group coaching with a group other people who are needing coaching on the same topic.

Do yourself justice and ASK. It is FREE to inquire. In the meantime join our Facebook group or leave your email so you can get updates on all our offerings.

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